This Sri Lankan couple's story of success could be a good lesson for those couples who cannot wait for trying out treatments without proper identification of the infertility cause. Dr Malpani identified the cause, did the correct treatment with good heart, which the couple thinks was the secret behind the success. Read to know more...

We got married in the year 2000. I was at 40, and she was 38. In January 2001, after about one year of marriage, she got pregnant, but in about three months time, it was lost. Then we consulted a renowned doctor in Sri Lanka. He did five IUI treatments without any success. Then he did an operation for removal of fibroids, and after that, another five IUIs were done, but all failed. We discontinued this treatment and consulted another renowned doctor, but after several treatments and tests, he said, he cannot do anything because of high FSH level.

Then we turned to Ayurvedic medicines, which also showed no success. We stopped medicines for some time, and then in 2004, she got pregnant again. However, in 2 months time, it was also lost. Again, Ayurvedic medicines were obtained from another doctor, but there was no success. Later, we met another renowned doctor who had successfully done IVF. He did five IUI treatments, but all failed. He also tested for any blocks in the fallopian tube. The test result was negative. Though he was doing IVF treatment, he did not encourage us to do it.

Because of the failures of the treatments by Sri Lankan renowned doctors, we looked for overseas treatment. Since we heard about successful infertility treatments in India, we searched internet to find out a good place for treatment in India. After studying several places based on the information available in the internet, we were impressed about Dr Malpani Infertility Clinic. In 2007, somewhere in June, we sent an e-mail to Dr Malpani with all the required information to tell us whether we can have a baby. We got a very prompt and positive response, suggesting a donor-egg IVF treatment. So, we were happy and highly enthusiastic to get treatment, but we had to wait for sometime to find required finances. We kept in touch with Dr Malpani by making correspondence via e-mails for about one year.

I had to be in Mumbai in April 2008 for an official work. We decided to meet Dr Malpani during this visit. After making an appointment, we went to the clinic, and we found that all supporting staff including nurses was with smiling faces, which cannot be seen in all hospitals and clinics in Sri Lanka. Dr Malpani was available sharp at the time of appointment. We were highly impressed about his punctuality, because in Sri Lanka we have to wait hours and hours to meet a doctor, even after making an appointment. When we got in to his room, he warmly welcomed us, and we found that Dr Malpani was very simple and charming, and he answered our queries professionally, very clearly, in simple language and in a and friendly manner. This is not the case with most of Sri Lankan doctors. This we found was very important to build confidence of a patient with the doctor. These made us to decide to take IVF treatment at Malpani Clinic.

We came back to Sri Lanka, and decided to undergo treatment in late September, because I had to be in Nepal in early September 2008 for an official work. So, got back to Dr Malpani Clinic on 19th September and stayed in Malpani nursing home in Tardeo, Central Mumbai, which provided us with a homely environment during our stay in Mumbai. The people working there were very friendly with us, and the facilities available were satisfactory. Rates were also reasonable. Both Drs Aniruddha Malpani and Anjali Malpani were very friendly during the treatment, and so were their staff in the clinic. All were supportive. All treatments were done very well. After the treatment, we returned to Sri Lanka. The first test for pregnancy was positive, but unfortunately, the second became negative for unknown reason. We are highly worried, but we did not give up our determination.

We contacted Dr Malpani again for a second cycle of IVF treatment. Dr Malpani replied quickly as usual, expressing his willingness to do the same treatment again. Also, he was so kind to give us a discount for the second treatment. We decided to undergo treatment in January 2009, and to stay in the same nursing home since we experienced so nice people and secured environment there. After the second IVF treatment, we got back to Sri Lanka, and we were so excited to see positive results in all pregnancy tests. We were very happy, and our efforts became successful thanks to both Dr Malpanis and their supporting staff. Even after we returned home, Dr Malpani was available for consultation over telephone, whenever we come across a problem during the initial period of pregnancy.

We experienced some problems, and Dr Malpani gave us necessary instructions to save the growing embryos. This is very important, especially for foreigners, to avoid any problems after the treatments. Now, the baby is about 20 weeks old and growing well according to the doctor whom we are consulting. At last, as we found Dr Malpani from India, we found an exceptionally very good doctor for consultation in Sri Lanka. So our dream of having a baby will become a reality in November this year.

Our story of success could be a good lesson for those couples who got married late, because they cannot wait for trying out treatments without proper identification of the infertility cause. Our experience with Sri Lankan doctors was that treatments were given without identifying exactly the real cause. Dr Malpani, with his thorough knowledge and vast experience in the infertility field, identified the cause, did the correct treatment with good heart, which we think was the secret behind the success.

We recognised that Dr Malpani Infertility Clinic in Mumbai is one of the best clinics for infertile couples to have baby. We strongly recommend Dr Malpani Clinic for any infertility couples to make their dreams of having a baby a reality, and to avoid wasting of time and money. We wasted our time and money, and at last, we found the right doctors to help us, i.e., Dr Aniruddha Malpani and Anajali Malpani.

Thank you Dr Aniruddha Malpani and Anjali Malpani for your great service for helping us to have a baby and infertile couples all over the world. We wish you a happy and long life, and May the Triple Gem bless you to serve many more couples like us in future.

Dr A P Keerthipala

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Eng. A A P Adiari

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Address: Walawwatte, Ranwala, Kegalle, Sri Lanka

Telephone +94 35 2229569

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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