A couple from UK did some research on the net and since they are of Indian origin, they decided to look into egg donation in India. They heard of Dr Malpani and felt reassured about his professionalism. Then their journey began.. Read on to know more...

We have been married for seven years and started trying for a baby 6 years ago. We had all the usual tests carried out and I was found to have endometriosis which may be affecting my fertility. Despite this we had our first attempt at IVF which was unsuccessful. I then decided to have my endometriosis treated and to try naturally for 6 months to see if this worked. Unfortunately nothing - we carried on to have a further 5 attempts at IVF/ICSI - none of which were successful - one time we tried the short protocol and the cycle had to be abandoned as there was nothing to transfer.

As you can imagine we were beginning to consider other options as the quality of my eggs seemed to deteriorate with each cycle. We did some research on the net and as I am of Indian origin, we decided to look into egg donation in India.

We had heard of Dr Malpani on the radio in the UK and as he was internationally reknowned , we felt reassured about his professionalism.

From the very beginning, Dr Malpani was nothing but professional and courteous - providing answers to all our questions about what treatment would involve before we had committed.

Despite being half way across the world - he responded very efficiently to all emails - before and after we decided to go ahead with an egg donation cycle with him.

The other nice thing was that he was so flexible in combining some tests done in the UK.

We had our cycle in September 2007 and two weeks later got a positive test result - which was absolutely amazing!!..we were in a daze as this had never happened before!

Now we have two beautiful daughters to cherish!!!

We can't thank Dr Malpani and his team enough for professional service they provided - we feel truly blessed.

Mr and Mrs G from England [email protected]

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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