Having undergone ICSI procedure with Dr Malpani’s advice, a couple from UK found their bundle of joy. With excellent help and support from Malpani staff they considered the options provided by the clinic and found happiness.

Couple From UK

We first came across the Malpani clinic in a daily newspaper article whilst we were about to start my second IVF cycle. My first cycle was a resounding failure due to my poor response and was cancelled half way through. This was the first indication of low egg reserves. I was originally referred for IVF treatment because of a blocked fallopian tube.

I first looked at the Malpani's website and found it to be extremely informative and useful. All the information is clear and goes into great detail about the crazy world of fertility but in a language that is easy to understand as a non medical person.

Having understood and learnt a few things about infertility and my condition from the website I e-mailed Dr Malpani for a second opinion whilst I was going through the second cycle. Dr Malpani's response was immediate and we corresponded throughout this cycle. The cycle itself was below average, my oestrogen levels weren't great (another indication of my low egg reserves) and they only collected three eggs. None of these fertilised and the cycle ended.

I was devastated not only because the cycle hadn't worked but because we were told by the clinic that the only hope we had of getting pregnant was through egg donation something in the UK that can take forever unless you know someone who is willing to donate their eggs to you. I felt that because we didn't fit comfortably into the clinics success rate we were being told to go elsewhere. I felt sure there was more that could be done.

With the information I had given Dr Malpani he suggested ICSI as an option. By this time we had arranged to go and see Dr Malpani in two months time for egg donation treatment. But that seemed like an age away and when you are trying to get pregnant doing nothing is hell on earth. So we decided to try one more cycle with ICSI, we would take it day by day and if the blood tests didn't come back with good results we wouldn't go any further. As it turned out it was they best cycle I had and much more in-keeping with the results of a normal cycle (if there is such a thing). They collected five eggs but only one was mature enough for ICSI it fertilised but did not implant.

I tell you this because at this point we were in a dilemma. We knew we could get this far and we also knew that there was much more pre and post embryo transfer that could be done to help the embryo implant so do we visit Dr Malpani for our own IVF cycle or continue with the egg donation route! Dr Malapni again provided excellent help and support while we considered our options. In the end we decided our best chance of getting pregnant was to continue with the egg donation route.

My period was over a week late (I knew I wasn't pregnant) while I was in India waiting for my treatment to start which caused me to worry and become quite stressed Dr Malpani however took the time and effort to see me and talk me through what was happening and how we could go ahead and start the treatment anyway. Throughout my treatment at the clinic I always felt everything that could be done was being done in order to help me get pregnant, something I had never felt in the UK and something that is so important when you are trying for a baby. Everyone was helpful and friendly especially Dr.Aniruddha Malpani and Dr AnjaliI Malpani and I couldn't have been happier with the treatment and service. My treatment was a success and as I write this I am eight weeks pregnant and praying to God everyday for his help and support. Dr Malpani did everything in his power to help me get pregnant and for this I am truly thankful. Even when I arrived home and to this day Dr Malpani always responds to my e-mails with advice on how to check things out. They themselves are there for you well before you start your treatment, during your treatment and well after your treatment has finished, something again that cannot be said of the UK.

Drop them a line and see for yourself how helpful they can be! Best wishes and good luck.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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