Sangeeta and Nitin from UK underwent a series of treatments like artificial insemination and many other but with no gain. Finally, after approaching Malpani IVF clinic, they realized the difference in treatment and now they are on their family way. Read on to find out more...

Sangeeta From UK writes

My name is Sangeeta and my husbands name is Nitin. We got married in May 2001 and decided to have a baby straight away. We tried but nothing was happening, after 6 months we decided to see a doctor who said that they will have to do test to find out what the problem is if any. This was the worst time of out lives as we were constantly waiting for appointments which were about four months apart, they would first check our blood test then give us an appointment for the results which was about a months waiting time, then when we got the results we would be asked to do another kind of test and would have to wait about 4 months to see the doctor again and this went on for about 2 years which was very stressful and finally to be told that we have unexplained infertility, which basically means that we can not see noting wrong with either of you but we cannot explain why you have not conceived yet.

After all the test were done, the doctor decided to give me some infertility tablets (clomphine) which I tried for 3 months but still nothing.

The next step was IUI which is artificial insemination; I had 4 goes at that but still no luck.

So we were recommended to have IVF treatment, however the waiting time for NHS patients was 2 years. We thought about it and decided to go for it without a doubt straight away privately. At this point the whole procedure was new to us and I did not know what to expect. I had the first go for IVF in September 2003. This was the worst experience I have ever had as it was very painful and traumatising and waiting for the results was a nightmare, the medication is just to much to deal with and the injections are too painful, however the treatment did not work and as a result we were recommended IVF ICSI, as you can imagine we were really upset but also looking forward to doing it again.

The 2nd time round seems a lot easier as you know what to expect, so in March this year we tried IVF ICSI and that was successful, however I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. We were devastated to here that I was finally pregnant but about to lose it.

After this I was still determined to have our own baby and was convinced that it will work one day, we just have to keep trying.

I have not really considered adoption as for us we had not tried enough to say right that's it will give up on trying for our own baby. However if it came to it and we gave up on us having a baby we would probably consider surrogacy, but I can't comment much on that because we have not thought about it and am hoping that I never need to consider any other option.

What I found was a major problem for me was, people saying to me oh don't worry it will happen when its meant to happen, that's the last thing you want to here because nobody knows what its like until they have actually experienced it themselves. Also I found it stressful to have visitors round when I was not well as a result of the treatment and I had to lie about why I was not well, and that is because I only told a few people and that's it and did not want everybody to know as the comfort you get is not the type you are looking for and there fore makes you angry and stressed. And also I did not want to speak to anyone full stop as I was depressed and wanted to be left alone. Also I found it difficult during the whole treatment because you still have to live a normal life a do the things you normally do which is visit friend and family and I really did not want to visit or see anyone.

As I already knew what was about to happen on my 2nd attempt of IVF , I decided to try having the treatment in India as I had watched TV programmes about infertility treatment in India, I spoke to my husband who agreed we should try it in India, so I started researching some clinic in India using the internet and found that the success rate to my knowledge was around 15-20% higher then in the UK and found that maybe it was because in India there is no legal limits as to how many embryos you can transfer were as in the UK you can only transfer 2 embryos, I do understand the reason why there are legal limits in the UK and that is to reduce the number of multiple pregnancies and make sure there is no danger to the mother as multiple pregnancies can cause lots of problems, however, I feel that India has the better rule no rule because this may be the reason why the success rate is higher in India and you can transfer as many as 3,4,5,6 or maybe more.

See the way I see it is that if you want to have a baby and you have more embryos transfers the higher the percentage of you been pregnant this may not be the way the law looks at it but at the end of the day if you really want to have a baby you will take risks and I am prepared for having more embryos transferred.

We decided to visit India in May this year as we wanted to find out more about the clinics that I found on the internet and meet the doctors in person. However coming to India I had my concerns which were will I be able to stay in India on my own as I have no relatives, what are the clinics going to be like, are they going to be clean and friendly, what are the operation theatre going to looks like and what the recovery rooms are like, what the doctors and sisters would be like, would the clinics be warm and welcoming and generally if I would be able to cope.

After visiting a few clinics in India we decided we liked and felt comfortable at Dr Malpani's clinic as all of our concerns was nothing to worry about here. We spoke with Dr Malpani and talked about my treatment plans and Dr Malpani said so no problem we can help you here. I told Dr Malpani that I would be back in a few months time and that I would email him when I come to India to discuss what we will do. We left the clinic happy and relived as we could look forward to coming back to India and trying for a baby here.

I also thought it would be great to do the treatment in India because ill have no friends to see or visit or family, no one will turn up on my doorstep and no phone call to handle, I will feel in control of my life. My extremely busy life style will change to a very relaxed stress free one.

My family is very supportive and were hoping it will work. I did not have to convince any family members as it's my husbands and my decision to have the treatment, its no one else's business.

I went back to India in August this year to start treatment, at this point there were only 3 people I was interested in and had no interest in anything else, the 3 people were my husband coming over to India in time for the operation, Dr Malpani because without the Dr expertise there's no hope and god for answering our prays.

Most of the treatment was the same as UK, everything went well and lots of eggs were collected and lots of embryos were made and the transfer took place with 4 embryos being transferred and 11 embryos frozen. I was then given a date to come back in 2 weeks time to do a pregnancy test.

However there were a few different things done here in India that were not done in the UK but noting major. Because of my previous history Dr Malpani said he would monitor certain hormone levels in my blood every 2-3 days to make sure the dosage of medication I am taking is sufficient, as a result of the monitoring he found that I was low in certain hormones therefore gave me further medication, this procedure was not done in the UK, hence maybe why the 2nd time the treatment failed, but I can not say for sure.

I went back to the clinic to have a pregnancy test done and was told the result would be available in a few hours time and to call the Dr in the afternoon, so I left the hospital anxious and nervous and tried not to think about it till the time came and I had to ring the Dr. I then call Dr Malpani and he said the results were not here yet and that he would call me back. God this was very painful waiting for that phone call. Dr Malpani then called me and said congratulations your pregnant the test is positive, I thought oh my god this can't be true but it was, Dr said that I should take it easy and rest till I have a scan in 2 weeks time and to continue taking the medication I was taking.

I then called my husband in the UK to tell him and he was over the moon, we could not believe it and did not know weather to be excited or not till we have the scan so we decided will keep calm till the scan is done, this was also nerve raking, once the scan was done and I was told every thing is fine, I was told to wait for one more scan then it was ok for me to come back home to England. All went well and I came back home after been in India for 8 weeks and came back 7 week pregnant. I was told by the Dr to take it easy for the next month and then it's fine to return to work. I can't wait to tell everyone, but we have decided to wait till I'm 12 weeks.

I do plan to return to work when I am 12 weeks, and then work till 11 week before the due date and then take maternity leave for which I get my full salary for 6 months. Good huh! That way I can be with the baby and enjoy it and after the baby is 6 months I'll go back to work part time.

I would definitely be recommending infertile couples to have this treatment done in India as it's all worth it, I mean I was 3rd time lucky, the clinic I used was Dr Malpani and it was absolutely the perfect place to have a baby.

I am now 10 weeks pregnant and all is going well, thank god and the doctors.

Sangeeta from UK

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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