After a lot of crying, praying and worrying, US couple approach Malpani Clinic and managed to get a baby boy. Here is a complete narration of the episode by the patient. Read on to know more...

Patient From USA

We live in California,USA. I work as Computer Engineer in a reputed company. We did not have baby for 3 years after marriage. The doctors in California diagnosed that I have a very low sperm count and cannot have a baby except through IVF Process. We had ZERO knowledge about IVF process.

We got shocked, cried, prayed and worried too much. We lost the whole hope of having a baby. Then, we went for IVF consultation in California and they said it would cost between 12,000 to 20,000 US Dollars based on each case. They said only 35% success rate. And almost ALL insurance said NO COVERAGE FOR IVF process. Then, we could not afford so much and we did not know what to do.

One fine day, my wife was saying let me search in internet to find any doctor in India. I said, NO..I think INDIA may not have heard of IVF at all. But, after she searched she picked about 5 famous clinics in different parts of India. I called every doctor one by one, but nothing like Dr.Malpani who talked and explained everything in a nice way in the first call, even though he knows people just call for information.

He was courteous and helped his to come out of the shock. He build a hope and I felt God is leading that way. I visited his website with wonderful messages and details of the process and gave me more faith in God, that something can happen for us.

Then, there was a big battle going on in our mind whether to go to India or not to do the process. Then, I emailed couple of Dr Malpani's patients in USA and called and talked some of them, and everybody said Dr.Malpani is just good and proceed.

Dr.Malpani responded to all our questions within 24 hours. Amazingly, he responded emails and questions even on Sundays.

Remember, this is not even before meeting him. So, even though he was not sure whether we will come for treatment, he took care of every bit of us in an excellent way.

Then, we finally decided and went to Mumbai to his clinic and had the initial consultation and Dr.Malpani explained everything bit and piece from A to Z about the entire process. His book helped us a lot. Then, we started the treatment and explained every time what is going on and so on. In USA, we need to wait for appointments all the time and it would be very difficult to work with one doctor. But, here Dr.Malpani as point of contact, will always was very kind and helpful in everything. His office was very clean, nice and with excellent staff who treated like their own family. Their smiling faces will take all our pains out. His wife Dr.Anjali is another great lady and a good companion for Dr.Malpani and she did a wonderful job about egg retrieval and other visits.

She explained things very nicely and took care of things in a positive manner. No wonder, people go like a mighty wind to his clinic.

During Embryo process, Dr.Malpani took us to the Embryology Lab and he wants to make sure from us that we are comfortable they they are mixing our sperm and eggs. He did everything in a very responsible way and the embryologist was very kind enough to explain us what he is doing. I thought only Dr.Malpani is good, but whoever he chooses is also the best.

He takes any complains seriously and try to resolve the issues immediately. Before I went to his clinic, I told him that your nurses sometimes not friendly, which I heard from some sources. He said, you come and visit and tell us. Oh my!!! After I visited, I cannot complain about any nurse. They are wonderful sisters for us.

I totally believe God showed Dr.Malpani to us so we could have our own child . On 14th day, when we did the blood test, oh...we were the happiest people in the whole world, thanking God and called Dr.Malpani with the results. He and Dr.Anjali were very happy for us. We also have frozen embryos for future babies.

We came to USA and started visiting OB for pre-natal visits. Oh...We were dreaming about going to a OB, but now God made the dream true and used Dr.Malpani for that. Even after coming here, I used to email Dr.Malpani about question and he will call USA our home from India to answer us, in spite of his busy schedule. It is very tough to find a doctor like Dr.Malpani in this MONEY-MINDED, HEAVY-MINDED and SELFISH world. People may tell, Oh..he charges lot money, so he respect....That's Non-sense. He charges very reasonably and of course very much cheaper than USA, but I think his motive is NOT to make money, but serve our community and help the helpless people who cannot have baby with his God given gift. Of course, he may charge fees, but his fees are not too burdenable and I think they are all reasonable.

My baby is born and everything is good. We are now happy family. If anybody wants to choose Dr.Malpani, just go ahead with NO DOUBT in mind. He is just so good. I can't explain but you need to experience. If you want to talk with me, I am sure to help you to explain my experience, please email me to [email protected] For privacy reasons, I do not want to disclose my contact information. Send me your contact number and timings, so that we can call you and share our experience.

We will surely again visit Dr.Malpani for our next babies.

Patient from USA

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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