Our Philosophy

What is our philosophy?

Malpani Infertility Clinic treats all patients as VIPs. (Very Important Patients) There are no fixed protocols. All treatments are tailor made and care is customised for every patient.We believe in giving personal care to all our patients and that is why we have no assistant doctors in the clinic,though we have been working in this field for thirty three years now.Right from the consultations to the sonographies, to the egg pickups and embryo transfers - everything is done by just the two of us, that is my husband Dr. Aniruddha and me, supported by an excellent team of nursing and supporting staff . Our IVF laboratory is world class and is run by a very dedicated and expert embryologist. This is the secret of our very high success rates- one of the highest in the country!

We are great believers in patient Education. We encourage every patient to read and know everything about their treatments. That is why we had written a book called “How to have a Baby” way back in 1994, which was a best seller and was the first book on infertility in India . We have now written a comic book on IVF and translated in multiple languages which is now available on

Dr. Aniruddha has written several blogs on infertility and has lots of you tube videos too.

I have recently written abook, "Tries, Sighs and Lullabies- The Untold Stories of Infertility” published by Hay House, India. It describes the experiences which IVF patients go through, based on 33 years of running Malpani Infertility Clinic.While many books have described the medical minutiae of IVF, the emotional trauma which IVF patients go through is often hidden. In this book, I have tried to describe not just the actual treatments which are provided to the patients, but the human side of the pain and sufferingthat infertile couples go through in the privacy of their hearts and homes daily – and how IVF can help them to achieve their dreams. These stories will fill you with emotions that bring a smile to your lips and a tear to your eyes.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.