Malpani Clinic in the Print Media

Malpani Infertility Clinic has featured in many leading newspapers like The Times of India, The Indian Express, DNA, and Hindustan times; and many national and international magazines like Newsweek, Outlook, Glamour. We have also been featured on a number of global and Indian TV channels, including: ABC News, BBC News; ABC ( Australia); CNBC; NDTV; and Zee TV.

Times of India, --Its never too old to enjoy Motherhood

Times of India, --Embryo adoption is the latest trends

Times of India, -- A Source Of Strength For Infertile Couples

Times of India, -- Soon, Stethoscopes, Not Sight-seeing, Could Bring Tourists To City

Times of India, -- 'Skilled Manpower, Low Cost Of Treatment Attract Foreigners'

HELP is a body of information

City's infertile can now pay a visit to some real friends

Have you found the right doctor?

No sex please, but we want babies

More HIV+ men discover ART of becoming a father

Care in a capsule

Infertility Cures draw med tourists to city

Just A Beam Of Light

Embryos up for donation

Colaba infertility clinic has more than 1,000 'potential babies'

potential babies

How old is too old to be a mother?

Banking From Healthy Eggs

Sourced from the world, baby created in India

A passage to India to carry life back to Britain in her womb

For UK couple this trip could get them their second Indian baby.

The latest: adopted embryos

The embryo tourist and the baby she carried from India

DNA -- Sperm count up, in banks.

Indian Express -- City Doctor Proclaims The End Of Male Infertility

Indian Express, -- Striving To Overcome Male Infertility

India Express, -- Sperm Donors: Banking On Life And Money

The Trade In Fertility: India is attracting English-speaking couples looking for surrogates and other treatments.

Outlook Magazine, India's leading weekly newsmagazine , carried out a survey to rank India's best hospitals ( 1 July 2002 cover) . This survey ranked the country's best health centres in the areas of cardiology, gastroenterology, infertility, oncology, ophthalmology and mental health.

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Guardian newspaper ( from UK) has a story on why couples from the UK are coming to our clinic for IVF treatment.
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Glamour magazine has a story on why infertile couples fly down from the US to our clinic for IVF treatment.
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Businessworld Magazine, India's leading business newsmagazine , ran a cover story on World Class Surgeries.
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Afternoon Despatch and Courier, -- Juggling With Genetics
Afternoon Despatch & Courier, -- Infertility Friends - Sharing And Caring

Mid-Day , -- Keeping Up With the Jones
Mid-Day, -- Any Man Can Father A Child, Says Doc

Manas Times, -- Fertility Boon

The Independent, -- No Sperm? A Spermatid Will Do

How to talk intelligently to your doctor

Infertility is no curse; awareness is the key to dealing with it
Mixing Treatment with pleasure
Patients must be active participants in thier medical treatments

Making Babies, 10% of Indian couples can't do it.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.