A Journey of Truth, Compassion, and Different Smiles: The Story of India's First Sperm Bank - an excerpt by Dr. Anjali Malpani.


In 1990, Dr. Aniruddha and his wife embarked on a groundbreaking journey by establishing India's first sperm bank. Amidst societal taboos and misconceptions surrounding infertility and reproductive health, their goal was to create awareness about the importance of frozen donor sperm in combating infertility. This remarkable journey led to an unexpected encounter with a couple that tested the limits of ethical and medical boundaries.

The couple, Satish and Jyoti, sought help from the sperm bank after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. While Jyoti's medical tests were normal, Satish confessed privately to Dr. Aniruddha that he had undergone forced sterilization during a historical emergency period. His confession raised a complex dilemma: Should they proceed with donor insemination without Jyoti's knowledge or consent?

Initially resistant to transparency, Satish's ethical struggle gradually became evident as he attempted to hide the truth from his wife. Dr. Aniruddha, guided by medical ethics, compassion, and a belief in the power of truth, counselled Satish to reveal the truth to Jyoti. Satish eventually disclosed his secret to Jyoti, only to find that she had known the truth all along. Her profound understanding and selflessness had driven her silence, allowing the couple to navigate the challenges together.

With the couple's newfound honesty and consent, the medical process moved forward.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.