After failed IVF, can I get pregnant naturally?

Patients do IVF with a lot of hope, because they know this is the one method which maximizes their chances of getting pregnant. They pin all their hopes on the IVF cycle, but when the IVF cycle fails, they are completely heartbroken , and worry about whether they'll ever be able to get pregnant at all.
However, do remember that patients do get pregnant even after a failed IVF cycle in their bedroom. The chances of this happening depends on the reason for the infertility.
Of course, if you have blocked tubes , or the reason for your infertility is azoospermia, then you're not going to get pregnant on your own.
But if your diagnosis is unexplained infertility, you could still get pregnant after a failed IVF cycle.
It's sometimes hard to give a medical explanation for this, but one possibility could be that the IVF cycle helps to improve your awareness of your own fertile time, and therefore you're much more aware of when you should be having intercourse.
Also, it's possible the superovulation helps to boost your fertility, and this effect persists for a few weeks after the failed IVF cycle.
So please don't get disheartened if the IVF cycle fails -the more often you continue having sex, the better your chances of getting pregnant !

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.