Does your IVF doctor give cuts and kickbacks to get referrals ?

In an ideal world , your family physician or gynecologist would refer you to the best IVF clinic one which provides the best possible medical care , to maximize your chances of getting pregnant . Unfortunately , this is not an ideal world and the fact remains that the medical profession has been riddled with corruption .

This is especially true for expensive high ticket items such as IVF , and many IVF clinics routinely provide a kickback (a referral fee or commission ) to gynecologists and family physicians who refer IVF patients to them .

This corruption has become embedded systemically , specially with the introduction of Corporate IVF Clinic Chains, across the country , whose major focus is on numbers , and maximizing their revenue . The easiest way to get more patients is by incentivizing doctors to refer patients to them , by giving them a commission . This is justified as being the cost of doing business , and rationalized as the cost of customer acquisition .

This maybe great for the referring doctor and the IVF clinic , because helps them earn more money , its not good for you as a patient .

Since all this is done under the table , it is very hard for you to know if the doctor who is referring you to a particular IVF clinic is doing it because it's the best clinic , or is getting a referral fee to do so.

While there is no simple answer , if any IVF clinic asks for payment in cash , this should be a Red Flag . Asking for money in cash is illegal , but sadly this is still something many IVF clinics do routinely, because they want to hide the income they report to the income tax officers .

We can promise you that none of the money you spend on treatment at our clinic will ever be siphoned off to and given to a doctor , because we don't give any kickbacks plain and simple,

We believe in putting patients first, because we believe our responsibility is to you - to get you pregnant as soon as possible, rather than to help the doctor who referred you to make more money.


Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.