IVF patients carry a lot of emotional baggage

They already suffer from low self esteem , because they can't even do something as simple as making a baby in the bedroom - a biological process which millions of women can do without any effort whatsoever , and have been doing successfully without any help for centuries.
This lack of confidence spills over into their professional life, and starts affecting sexual desires as well. Infertility has social consequences as well, because friends either sympathize with them , and outsiders look down on them, which makes coping even harder.
The problem gets exacerbated when they do an IVF cycle and it fails. The confidence which they had in IVF doctors takes a beating, and they start believing they will never ever be able to have a baby, because they have failed to get pregnant even after taking the most effective treatment available.
The problem with IVF is that doctors tend to overpromise, especially because they want the patient to do their first cycle with them. When the cycle fails, they often abandon the patient, because they have already extracted their professional fees. Patients feel cheated , and believe they didn't get a fair deal. They are often treated badly, because the clinic refuses to share medical details or provide a clear explanation, and this colors their perception of other IVF doctors as well.
Many of them refuse to ever try another IVF cycle again - an attitude which causes them the most harm, because not all IVF doctors are the same, and they deprive themselves of trying treatment which gives them their best chances of having a baby !

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.