What are diva donors in IVF clinics?

Many patients who want to use donor eggs ask us if we have " diva " donors.

Apparently, this is a popular term in many IVF clinics for donors with special traits - for example, they have " higher attributes " in terms of education and background.

Now a diva is a prima donna or celebrated female singer. Applying this to egg donors makes no medical sense to me at all.

After all, family background ( whatever that means), IQ and education are not heritable traits , and are medically irrelevant . A patient should focus on getting good quality eggs from a healthy young fertile egg donor, who has been medically screened.

How intelligent your child will be will depend upon how you bring him up, and the truth is that children of infertile couples have a head-start, because of all the love and care which is lavished on them by their parents !

Other clinics offer Caucasian eggs and sperm to Indian patients - again at a premium. I wonder how they explain the blue eyes and blond hair to their family and friends ? Aren't they worried that they will be accused of infidelity ?

I think this is just a clever way of charging more money from vulnerable patients !
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.