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February 02, 2018


Unveiling the True Cost of IVF: Achieving Pregnancy Success and Peace of Mind

Starting a family is a beautiful dream, and for some couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) offers a path to making that dream a reality. While IVF can be life-changing, there are financial considerations. This article sheds light on IVF treatment costs at Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai, and explores why focusing solely on price per cycle might not be the most effective approach.

Cost transparency and avoiding hidden fees

At Malpani Infertility Clinic, we understand the emotional and financial burden associated with infertility treatment. That's why we offer a comprehensive all-inclusive treatment cost package, ranging from Rs 1.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs. This guarantees transparency and removes the concern of unforeseen expenses, commonly associated with hidden fees.

Focusing on cost per baby: A more realistic perspective

Many clinics advertise "cheap" IVF, but these reduced costs often come at a hidden price: lower success rates. We believe a more realistic approach is to consider the cost per baby. This takes into account not just the initial cycle fee but also the likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy, potentially reducing the overall cost in the long run.

Beware of unethical practices; choose quality over price.

Infertility is a stressful experience, and some clinics exploit this vulnerability by offering unrealistically low prices. Be cautious of such tactics. Ethical clinics, such as the Malpani Infertility Clinic, prioritize patient well-being and use advanced technologies to maximize success rates.

The high cost of behind-the-scenes technology

The IVF laboratory is the heart of successful treatment. While patients see consultations, scans, and procedures, the advanced technology used within the lab significantly contributes to treatment costs. These disposable materials and imported culture medium ensure optimal conditions for embryonic development, a crucial factor for a successful pregnancy.

Personalized care and financial guidance at Malpani Infertility Clinic

The cost of IVF at the Malpani Infertility Clinic depends on your specific needs. To receive a personalized quote, contact us today. We understand the financial challenges and offer various payment options to make your dream of parenthood a reality.

Treatment can be expensive, but a baby is priceless!

Malpani Infertility Clinic is committed to supporting your journey towards parenthood.

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You can also schedule a paid consultation via video call by clickinghere,or if you're in Mumbai and requireIVF treatmentor personal care, you canwhatsappus to book an appointment and come to ourClinic in Colaba, Mumbai.

You can also schedule a paid consultation via video call by clickinghere, or if you require personal care and IVF treatment in Mumbai, you can whatsappus to book an appointment and come to ourClinic in Colaba, Mumbai.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.