How do I use the Malpani Baby Kit for Self Insemination ?

The Malpani Self Insemination Baby Kit has become very popular, and many couples are using it to treat themselves in the privacy of their bedroom.

Here are answers to some queries patients have.

1. As per the instruction manual, we need to keep the semen in the container for 15-30 minutes to liquefy. Will that affect the sperm quality or motility in any way.


2. After the semen is collected in the container , should we store it a cool place until next 30 minutes or so until we start the procedure.

No. The cold is not good good for sperm. Please keep this at room temp

3. Can my wife use the pipette to inject the sperm herself ?


4. How do we make sure the pipette position is correct as i see its quite flexible and the position of the pipette can go wrong during insertion.

As long as its going in the vagina, that's fine . The sperm will swim and find their way through the cervix to the egg. They are deigned as effective guided missiles !

You need to leave thesemen sample in the container for 10-20 min so it can liquefy,after which you can suck it up into the pipette and then inject this into the vagina
The sperm are safe in the container for1 hour, and will not die
They do not need to be processed or washed in culture medium because you are injecting them into the vagina, just like you do during normal sex. The only difference is that instead of using the penis to do so, you are using a pipette
Thevolume of the pipette is 3 ml. You need to transfer the entire volume of the ejaculate during the insemination, and if the volume is more than 3 ml, you can do this twice times in the same procedure.
Some semen will leak out after theinsemination, and this is normal, so please don't worry about it. Remember that leakage of semen after sex is normal is also normal.The vagina is a closed sheath, and the ejaculated semen has to come out of the vagina after it is ejaculated !It’s actually a good sign and means you have inserted this properly !
The chances of success are about 20% in one cycle . This depends on your wife's fertility. Do remember that it takes fertile couples time to make a baby in the bedroom as well so you do need to be patient.
You need to inseminate before ovulation - on the day of ovulation, and on the 1-4 days prior to this. You can do this daily or every alternate day
There is no point in doing an insemination after ovulation, because the cervical mucus dries up after this

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.