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This is a new product and is very useful for couples with sexual dysfunction, where the man has difficulty ejaculating in the vagina, either because of vaginismusor premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction. This kit will help you solve your problem in the privacy of your own bedroom, and comes with complete instructions. You can read more about how to perform self-insemination. The success rate of the Malpani Baby Self-Insemination Kit depends on many factors, including your sperm count and motility , and your wife's age.The success rate mirrors natural fertility ( fecundity) if everything is normal

It is safe and effective. All the components are sterile and single-use, which means you need to dispose them off after using them. Each kit has enough supplies to allow you to do 3 inseminations in ove cycle.

When you are using the Malpani Baby Kit for doing your self-insemination, it's very helpful to know what your peak fertile days are , so you can do the inseminations on those days to maximise your chances of getting pregnant quickly. You can use the FreeMalpani Clinic Online Fertility Calculatorto determine your peak fertility dates.

  • You can choose to get the fertile days for the next 3 months to over the next 1 year.
  • Once you have the dates, you can set upFree Email Reminders

The Calculator calculates your most fertile days based on the fact that:

  • Ovulation occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period is due.
  • Fertility peaks on the day of ovulation and for 4 days prior to this.
These are the days you should do your insemination
Please share these with your husband, so you are both prepared - physically and mentally as well.

You should try to inseminate about 3 times a month during your fertile period. You can inseminate daily if you like. The more inseminations you do in a cycle, the better your chances.

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Step by step instruction for insemination at home -

It's surprisingly easy to learn to do, but because most women know so little about their own anatomy, most are very uncomfortable even attempting to try it.
This guide should help you with the basics, but the only way to learn is by doing it.

The most important ingredient is a freshly ejaculated semen sample! Ask your husband to ejaculate in a clean glass or plastic container. Make sure this is wide-mouthed, so it's easier for him to aim accurately ' you don't want any of it to spill out! Sometimes getting a sample can be difficult, and you may need to seduce your husband! Using a vibrator, or liquid paraffin as a lubricant can help enormously. You can also use frozen semen samples from a sperm bank, after allowing them to thaw at room temperature.

After the semen sample has liquefied (this takes about 30 minutes), you are now ready to perform the procedure. Ask your husband to put on disposable gloves ( which we provide in our kit) and then suck up the semen sample into the sterile disposable plastic Pasteur pipette, which we provide in our self insemination kit.

  • The semen now needs to be squirted into your vagina, and this takes a little bit of practice.
  • You need to lie on a bed, with your knees and thighs bent, and your knees wide apart, so that your husband can see your vulva clearly
  • While many people use a syringe for the self insemination, this is not ideal. This is why we provide sterile medical-grade Pasteur Pipettes which he can use to suck up the semen, and then deposit this in your vagina. He then guides the tip of the syringe into your vagina (he can do this just by feel, by inserting the left index finger into your vagina and using this to guide the syringe which is in his right hand).
  • He can put the pipette in as deep as he wants. Don't worry - it won't get lost. He then squeezes the bulb of the pipette , depositing the semen into the vagina
  • You may find it easier to lie on the edge of the bed so that your hips protrude over the edge.
  • Putting a pillow under your hips can make it easier for your husband to perform the insemination
  • You can remain to lie on your back for about ten minutes, after which you can resume normal activity. Some of the semen will leak out, and this is normal

Here are answers to some queries patients have.

1. As per the instruction manual, we need to keep the semen in the container for 15-30 minutes to liquefy. Will that affect the sperm quality or motility in any way.


2. After the semen is collected in the container , should we store it a cool place until next 30 minutes or so until we start the procedure.

No. The cold is not good good for sperm. Please keep this at room temp

3. Can my wife use the pipette to inject the sperm herself ?


4. How do we make sure the pipette position is correct . I see it's quite flexible and the position of the pipette can go wrong during insertion.

As long as it's going in the vagina, that's fine . The sperm will swim and find their way through the cervix to the egg. They are designed as effective guided missiles !

5. Can we use the pipette without the speculum .Yes, you can. The speculum is optional

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This kit contains:

  • 3 sterile semen containers
  • Nontoxic sperm-friendly lubricant ( liquid paraffin) to help your husband, if needed
  • Disposable plastic sterile Pasteur pipettes for doing the insemination
  • Disposable sterile paper gloves
  • Detailed instructions as to how to use the kit

You can also buy a Comprehensive DIY Fertility Treatment Kit from us. This would cost a lot less than buying each individual component. This would include the following:

  1. An Ovulation Prediction Test Kit, to help you determine your "fertile time"
  2. Self-Insemination Kit, to help you insert the sperm in the vagina
  3. A Penile Vibratory Stimulator, to help you ejaculate
  4. Non-Toxic Condoms, to collect the semen
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.