Queries about using the Malpani Baby Kit for Self Insemination

Patients often have many questions about how to use the Malpani Baby Kit for Self Insemination.

Here are the answers.

" We are planning for baby due to painful sex. We are trying home insemination. Through Youtube , we tried with a syringe last time . What we observed is almost all the liquid injected into vagina was coming out along with the syringe when it is pulled out. While surfing we came across your video and we are planning to buy your DIY kit. Have a few queries could you please provide your inputs.

1. With your kit ,when we insert the speculum ,won't it cause burning or pain inside vagina ? In that case can we use lubricant provided in your kit to apply on speculum or please suggest how to loosen vagina. I don't get lubrication properly.

You don't need to use the speculum if you don't want to. It's easy to insert the soft plastic pasteur pipette deep into your vagina . This will automatically deposit the semen near the cervix.

2. Through the pipette should we drop semen near the cervical opening or should insert pippet slightly to cervix opening.

Near the cervix is fine. Sperm can swim and will find their way to the cervical mucus, so please don't worry about this

3. With my previous experience injecting through a syringe I noticed almost all liquid came out of vagina, what should we do to make semen stay inside vagina.

Lie down with a pillow under your hips for a few minutes after the insemination

Leakage is normal . This happens after sexual intercourse as well, because the vagina is a closed blind tunnel/sheath

4.After sperm ejaculation how long the sperm should be kept outside, I mean should we wait before inserting into vagina after semen collection.

15 min is enough for it to liquefy

5. Is it necessary to get naturally lubricated inside vagina and get orgasm during this process ?

No, there is no relationship between sexual arousal, orgasm and fertility

5. Can the kit be delivered to my hometown which is small taluk in Karnataka.


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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.