What’s the Difference between an IVF Pregnancy and a normal one?

Couples who have trouble getting pregnant vouch for the fact that the fertility treatments they go through can take a physical and mental toll. If you find out that you’re infertile and that you can’t conceive naturally, the news can shake you up pretty badly. Add to this the slew of fertility treatments and you feel like you are on a downward spiral of sorts. This is one of the primary reasons why couples going through fertility treatments experience significantly high levels of stress; some also go into depression.

Pregnancy by IVF- An Achievable Dream

Most men and women who plan to start their family, would never even imagine having to go through all kinds of fertility tests and treatments. However, as things stand, infertility is more common than it was ever before, and IVF pregnancies have become increasingly common.

In fact, with the improved technology and treatments, when women are in their fertile years,the success rates for IVF are as high as 50%.Often, the first cycle may not work for you. However, experts suggest undergoing at least three cycles to maximize your chances. Still, since the financial cost of apregnancy by IVFis rather huge, a lot of couples may decide to end their treatment after the first cycle itself.

A lot of women, however, get pregnant after their second or third cycle. Again, since this is a decision that would affect you physically, emotionally and financially, it is better if you take your time and weigh all your options. During this time, you can also choose to take a second opinion.

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IVF Success

Since the success of the IVF treatment cycle largely depends on the quality of eggs, the egg retrieval procedure is very important. For that to happen though, the woman has to take medications. These medicines boost the egg production in the woman, so that multiple eggs can be harvested in a single cycle. The more the mature eggs harvested, the greater is the likelihood of success.

Usually, a number of embryos are transferred to the woman's uterus to increase the likelihood of implantation of at least one. In turn, thismay cause multiple pregnancies too.

The Right Choice

Once you get pregnant, an IVF pregnancy is biologically exactly the same as a bedroom pregnancy. However, it takes a lot more effort to get it started !

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It’s not always possible to achieve a pregnancy via IVF. However when you actually achieve it, it’s definitely worth all the trouble. The effort, pain and frustration then seems nothing more than a long-forgotten bad dream.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.