How to Maximize Your Chances of success with Frozen Embryo Transfer?

An IVF cycle is mentally, physically and financially trying for both the partners. In fact, there would hardly be anyone who doesn't breathe a sigh of relief after getting done with their first cycle. However, since there is a chance that your first IVF cycle may fail and you may have to undergo another cycle, it is best if you have some of your embryos frozen for a future cycle.

Frozen embryo transfer saves you from the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome as well, and is much easier and less expensive than starting a fresh cycle. Even better, the pregnancy rate can be as good as with a fresh cycle - or even better in good clinic !The quality of embryos and the freezing techniques used in the process can significantly affect the survival rates of these embryos.

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Storing the Embryos Right

Embryos may be destroyed or damaged, if not thawed efficiently and this affects the likelihood of developing a successful pregnancy. This is why you need to find an experienced IVF clinic, which uses vitrification routinely to freeze embryos. In leading clinics such as Malpani Infertility Clinic, which freezes and stores only Grade A embryos, the survival rate is nearly 100% !

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Before going in for a frozen embryo transfer, ensure that your doctor gives you photos of your frozen embryos, as well as photos of your embryos after they are thawed and before they are transferred. Good clinics do this routinely !

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.