Mind games during the 2ww

A patient sent me this query
This is our first icsi cycle and am on 5th day of embryo transfer. Initially had cramps and it raised a bit more but since yesterday night I see no symptom and I am worried. Plus sometime bloating, my breasts has been so hard and am feeling I have been bit more aggressive than usual , am not on complete bed rest but tend to roam in home only . Medicines include progynova, ecoflora , folic acid and vitamin tablets , progesterone injection- aquagest alternative days and some progesterone vaginally daily two times. My skin is so so dry . I heard people saying tat u should get lower back pain or leg cramps but have cramps only on left side since the time of transfer plus yesterday I had bit abdomen pain also I sleep only three to 4 hours at night later I'll be half awake with the rush of thoughts being positive or negative. Am such a strong girl but now this is making me crazy. How to manage this. Sometimes I have extremely cold feet and since the day of transfer I have mild cough though am following the exact doctors it ok to experience all this. What is this symptoms leads to ? Should I be hopeful ?

Most patients find themselves going crazy during the 2ww, because they are a " little pregnant" ! They know they have an embryo inside their uterus, but are not sure whether this will become a baby or not, which is why they are full of doubts and worries .

Bulletin boards and forums are full of conflicting advice, which makes things even worse, and they don't know whom to trust !

Is having cramps a good sign ? or is not having cramps a good sign ? They find it hard to deal with this uncertainty, and will often end up browsing the web for hours on end, to try to make sense of what's happening inside them. They often drive their partner crazy as well, because he does not know how to reassure them !

The reality is that every woman's experience is different, and you can't jump to any conclusions, based on any of these symptoms. You just need to be patient, and wait for your beta HCG test result.

The good news is that your embryos are safe in your uterus, like a pearl in an oyster - nothing you do can harm them !

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.