Orgasms during an IVF cycle

It's not uncommon for IVF patients to have an orgasm during their IVF cycle ; and during the two-week wait after the embryo transfer. This is often involuntary , and happens during their sleep. They wake up , and many start to panic , because they are worried that the orgasm is going to harm their embryo. Their fear is that the uterine cramping will cause the uterus to expel the embryo.

This can be quite embarrassing, and they are ashamed to discuss this with their doctor.
The reason for the orgasm is because of the increased blood flow to the clitoris during this time. Your hormonal levels of estradiol and progesterone are very high at this time, and this increases pelvic vascularity . This results in pelvic congestion and clitoral turgidity , and minor mechanical stimulation could trigger an orgasm.

Please don't panic or worry if this happens. Your embryo is safe in your uterus, just like a pearl in an oyster. Its not going to get harmed because of the pelvic contractions. Please dont feel guilty or worried that this has reduced your chances of success.
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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.