Why embryo pooling is a great option for older women who are doing IVF

We know that as women get older, their egg quality drops , as a result of which it becomes harder for us to retrieve eggs. Both quantity and quality are affected, and many of these eggs don't become embryos ; and often the embryo quality is poor as well.
For these women, because time is at a premium, we offer the option of embryo pooling, to maximise their chances of success.
We do multiple ( 3-4) fresh IVF cycles back to back, but don't do any transfers. We collect all the eggs; fertilise them; and freeze all the embryos on Day 5. Dr Sai has mastered the vitrification process for freezing embryos, which means our survival rate after thawing the frozen embryos is 100%.
Though this option is more expensive , because you need to do more fresh cycles , it increases the number of options that you have of getting pregnant. This can make a world of a difference, especially for an older woman.
Once we have frozen enough top quality blastocysts for you, we can then thaw them and transfer them back into your uterus, one at a time.
And if you get pregnant with your first transfer, you can always keep your embryos for your second baby, because each embryo is worth its weight in gold !

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.