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The two questions you need to ask to find the right IVF doctor for your IVF treatment without spending any money !

One of the commonest questions patients ask me is - Doctor , we can't come to Mumbai for our IVF treatment , so can you suggest which doctor we can go to in our home town ? I wish I could do that , but the problem is I don't know all the doctors all over the world...

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Don't allow your IVF doctor to cheat you !

Please do not allow your doctor to take you for a ride In a perfect world , every IVF doctor would be competent, skills and caring. He would be honest with his patients, and share information transparently, because he took pride in being accountable and answerabl...

Pain-free IVF at Malpani IVF clinic. IVF Patient Education Video

IVF patient education video - Does your IVF doctor gives cuts to get IVF referrals from GPs and gynecologists ?

Why IVF does not cause you to put on weight - IVF video

Does your IVF doctor give cuts and kickbacks to get referrals ?

In an ideal world , your family physician or gynecologist would refer you to the best IVF clinic one which provides the best possible medical care , to maximize your chances of getting pregnant . Unfortunately , this is not an ideal world and the fact remains that...

Why IVF does not cause you to put on weight !

One of the most prevalent myths about IVF is that it causes women to put on weight . This is a myth which needs to be busted . Putting on weight is a mathematical equation , and occurs when caloric intake is more than caloric expenditure . After all, the additiona...

Tales IVF doctors spin to trap unsuspecting IVF patients. Video