Twin boys for couple from Oman - IVF success Story at Malpani IVF Clinic

Our battle against infertility started in 2002 after two years of our marriage when parental pressure started mounting to start the family. Hailing from Goa ( India) and living and working in Oman, we decided to seek medical help during our annual vacation. All the necessary tests were carried out by one of the popular doctors in Goa and to our utter dismay, both of us were found to be having a problem. The doctor said the best option is to go for ICSI which is very expensive and not available in Goa. Coming from an extremely humble background this was a big shock for me.

We came back to Oman and the process of information gathering started. I started visiting websites and bookstores and during one of my visits came across a book "How to have a Baby" by Dr. Malpani. The book was so helpful that we decided to visit Dr. Malpani's clinic the next time we came to India. We did all the tests again and the results were identical but we did not start the treatment right away because of the cost involved. My idea was to check one more clinic which we did in 2004 in Nasik again with the same test results.

During our next vacation in 2005, we went through our first cycle at Dr. Malpani's Clinic. Everything was perfect. The correspondence, the staff and the Doctors. To our luck, my wife was pregnant with twins. The entire family erupted into joy. But the joy was short lived as she miscarried at four and half months and we were back to square one. Immediately, the second cycle was carried out without any luck. Then we decided to have a break, save some money and be prepared for the worst without losing hope. Oct. 2007, we decided to go for our next cycle. In between there were numerous suggestions from friends and family to do this and do that. But I was adamant not to waste our time as well as money in all the frivolous rituals as I was always told by one of my school teachers , 'do your best, God will do the rest". Everything was arranged. We were supposed to stay in Mumbai on our way to Goa from Oman and carry out the treatment. Just a day before our departure, I was informed of my mothers hospitalization due to severe asthma attack and she was in ICU. We rushed to Goa to take care of my mother and our treatment was postponed. After the recovery, we came back to Oman and decided not to delay the treatment whatever the case and went back in Jan 08.

We went through the third cycle and I rushed back to Oman and my wife decided to stay back in Goa. To our delight, the results were positive. It was again a twin pregnancy. Being learnt the lesson once, we were very cautious. Only close family members were informed. Every hour was like a day and every day was like a month. Our ultimate goal was to complete seven months. But by the grace of God, my wife completed nine months and the next day she was hospitalized with labor pains. The result "Twin baby boys". Our life has changed totally since then for good. The baby boys are one month old now.

Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude to Dr. Anirudha, Dr. Anjali and their ever smiling and helpful staff. I would also like to mention the name of Dr. Arcanjo Menezes & his OB team who ensured that the efforts of Dr. Malpani & his team bear fruit

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.