IVF Videos

IVF video - Vaginal ultrasound monitoring for tracking follicular growth in an IVF cycle

Vaginal ultrasound scanning plays a key role in tracking follicular growth during superovulation in an IVF cycle. This video shows how simple and easy it is . Request your doctor to show you the screen so you can admire your follicles for yourself ! When done by a skill......

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IVF video - Egg retrieval in the IVF Lab

Have you been curious as to what happens in the IVF lab during an egg retrieval ? Here's your chance to find out ! We take you in the IVF lab while an egg collection is going on in the OR, so you can see how the embryologist identifies the eggs in the IVF laboratory.......

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Sperm video - what sperm look like under the microscope

This video is the sperm video. This is what sperm look like under the microscope Sperm video - what sperm look like under the microscope If you have ever wondered what sperm look like, here's your chance of find out ! Just one drop of semen contains millions of tiny a......

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IVF video - Checking for fertilisation

This video shows what the embryologist looks for in the IVF laboratory under the microscope on Day 1, to confirm that the eggs have been fertilised. This is the "moment of truth" - and there's always a little bit of suspense when checking to see if the sperm have been a......

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IVF video - Percutaneous epidiymal sperm aspiration ( PESA)

This video demonstrates our simple non-surgical technique to recover sperm from a man with obstructive azoospermia. It's simple, short, effective - and much kinder, because there's no cut involved !   More Videos Consultation with an IVF specialist Ultrasound mon......

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IVF video - ZIFT - Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer

How can we improve the chances of embryo implantation ? What can we do to try to enhance the chances of an embryo becoming a baby ? One option is called ZIFT - zygote intrafallopian transfer, or tubal embryo transfer, in which we transfer the embryos directly into the f......

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