Complications and risks of IVF treatment

Most woman are worried about the possible risks and complications of doing IVF treatment, but part of the problem is the many myths and misconceptions which plague IVF . Thus, it is clear that IVF doesn't increase the risk of birth defects and it won't cause breast cancer or ovarian cancer, but lots of websites continue to disseminate this misinformation.
However, as with any other treatment, there are potential complications and this is why selecting a good IVF doctor is so important. One of the possible medical ÂÂrisks is that of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome ( OHSS), but in a well-managed clinic, this risk should be virtually zero.
This is why it's so important that patients understand the medical details about their treatment , so they can check if their doctor is doing is following best practices. Obviously , the risk of complications is much higher in a poorly run clinic which doesn’t ÂÂhave enough experience or expertise to monitor each patient properly .
There are other medical risks , and a clumsy doctor could cause bleeding , or an infection , after the egg collection . There is also the risk of multiple pregnancy, especially for clinics who transfer too many embryos .
Finally, there is a potential risk for an ectopic pregnancy , which means the embryo, instead of implanting in the uterus , may implant in the tube and this is not something which any doctor can do too much about.
Being actively involved in your treatment will help you reduce the risk of complications , because you can make sure that you go to a good clinic , where the complication rate is going to be lower because they know how to provide high quality care .
In reality, the most important complications of IVF are not medical ! They are the emotional trauma which patients go through, especially when the cycle fails ; and the financial risk, which means that in spite of spending all that money , there is no surety that the patient will get pregnant.
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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.