Success Stories: Twin pregnancy for Bangalore couple

I am 32 years old and my wife is 29 years old.

We had been married for 4+ yrs, and had been trying to get pregnant ever since but no luck. In these 4 years we tried almost everything under the sun to fulfill our dream but nothing worked. We live in Bangalore, and consulted many infertility specialists in Bangalore. Since all our reports were normal it was more terrible since we did not know the root cause of the problem.. However, we started taking treatment in Bangalore and in three years underwent numerous assisted natural cycles, stimulated cycles, 7-8 IUIs, 2 IVFs but nothing worked and we almost decided to give up any further treatment as it was too traumatic to live life on a monthly basis..After every unsuccessful cycle we would hope that next month we will be lucky. We were extremely stressed & dejected and started avoiding our friends and relatives whose only question was when are we going to give the good news. We were spending most of our income on our treatments and obviously this took financial toll on us too. Apart from that, doctors whom we met all these years were too commercial and somehow I thought infertility has become a money spinning business for IVF clinics without any human touch.

My wife was so fed up with all these useless treatments that she refused to take any further treatment and almost decided to live without a child. We almost accepted childlessness as our destiny. But I persuaded her to undergo one last IVF cycle and she agreed. We decided to take some time off before starting next cycle. So I started to search for a doctor for whom infertility is not a mere profession but also the passion. I spent several sleepless nights browsing internet looking for infertility specialists and found Dr Malpani's website where tons of really useful information was available.. One of my relative also recommended him along with few other famous doctors in Mumbai. Finally we planned 1 week of leave and went to Mumbai in Nov 2008. We met Dr Malpani and explained our problem to him. We found him very heart warming, very compassionate and extremely passionate about helping childless couples.

After meeting him, we thought he is the one we were looking for. He joked with my wife that You are young and I can guarantee you a baby, give me lots of follicles!!!. For a moment, we thought we have found a trusted friend and a doctor in one person which is so important in infertility treatments. We met other doctors in Mumbai too and found them too busy for their patients. After meeting Dr Malpani, We always knew Dr Malpani is the only choice for us. Unlike other doctors, after seeing our reports he did not blindly asked us to repeat all the blood/urine/sperm tests and suggested only one Thyroid test at the beginning of next cycle. That was very impressive to us because every doctor blindly recommends numerous expensive tests even if they are not needed. His clinic was very well maintained and staff was so cordial and friendly. We came back to Bangalore and decided that next cycle we are going for IVF in Dr Malpani's clinic.

We kept in touch with Dr Malpani through Emails and he was always prompt in responding to mails. We never felt we are 1200 Kms away from Dr Malpani as he was always reachable by phone and email. I sent an email to Dr. Malpani with my wife's blood reports. Within 4-5 hours I received a reply from Dr. Malpani advising us about the treatment, Cost, and all requested information. We are quiet impressed with the professionalism and prompt response. My wife started taking injections in Bangalore itself and landed in Mumbai on 10'th day of he cycle in June. We stayed near the clinic so commute was not a problem. But there was some bad news in store for us. Dr Anjali Malpani did the scan and told that there were not many follicles on 10'th day and we may have to cancel the cycle.

We were heart broken and thought that all our efforts have gone waste. But then she suggested doubling the injection dose and seeing how ovaries respond in next 3-4 days and then she will take a call. We agreed and decided to continue and wait for 3-4 days more. We hoped that follicle count will increase in next 3-4 days..We visited Siddivinayak temple in the evening and prayed for successful IVF. After 4 days of increased medication, miracle happened and Dr Anjali Malpani told that she can see many more follicles now and they need few more days to mature before retrieval. We were scheduled for retrieval on 29'th June and Dr Malpani told me that they collected as many as 30 follicles and 24 was mature. I was stunned and little afraid also that this might cause OHSS.

But he calmed my down and explained it properly to me. He said there is nothing to worry and everything looks perfect so far. Embryo transfer was scheduled for 2-July. It was little disappointing when he told that there was only 6 good quality embryos out of 24 matured eggs. Dr Mapani again comforted us and showed us the embryos in the lab. It was great to be able to see the embryos which were ultimately going to become the babies. This shows that Dr Malani really believes in empowering the patient by providing as much information as possible. No other doctor I visited earlier cared to tell what they were doing. Many a times we would ask him stupid questions and he would address them with patience. I found this a very rare quality among today's doctors.

He transferred 4 good quality embryos and after 3 days of rest, we came back to Bangalore. After 15 days, we did our first bHCG test and oh my god!, IT WAS POSITIVE. We first could not believe it and we were waiting for this moment from last 4.5 years. I called Dr Malpani immediately and gave him the good news. He was also very happy to hear this. Then he suggested repeating the tests after 3 days. When we repeated the test after 3 days, bHCG doubled which indicated that this is viable pregnancy. In first ultrasound, radiologist told that it's TWINS and our joy knew no bounds. Now my wife is 12 weeks pregnant and expecting our child in Feb 2010. We still call/mail Dr Malpani if we have any concerns related to pregnancy and he is kind enough to responds to email or return our calls.

Dr Malpani proved god-sent to us and I would recommend Dr Malpani to every couple having difficulties in getting pregnant. He is doing a great service to childless couples and may god always bless him.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.