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The role of "fate" and "luck" in IVF

Embryo implantation is a still a "black box" as far as medical science is concerned, because we can't predict or control which embryos will implant. This is hardly surprising, given that it's a complex biological process, which involves an intricate interchange of...

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The known and the unknown in IVF

One of the reasons IVF outcomes are so unpredictable and uncertain is because it's a complex biological system, and there are lots of factors which determine success. It's useful to think of these in terms of known factors ; and unknown factors . For exa...

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How IVF patients can use Dr Google intelligently !

A lot of husbands get worried because their wives spend so much time on Google. After all, being infertile can be stressful and infertile women are hungry for information , which Dr. Google provides in abundance ! This is especially true when you're going...

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