Our Maltese Baby!

Malta based couple got married in the year 2000 and had been waiting to get pregnant for over 11 years now. Life was never easy the way they thought. After a lot of trial and error, they came across Malpani Clinic and things fell in the right place and now they are blessed with a baby boy. Find out more about this beautiful experience...

We are a couple originally from Nigeria but now living in Malta. We got married since year 2000, i have been waiting to get pregnant for over 11 years now and ever before then we have been tried to got pregnant before our wedding but it was very hard for us then my husband concluded that we should do our wedding since pregnancy didn't come yet, back then we were lives in africa, and been that infertility treatment was very poor over there and the treatment was for those with high class then we decided to move to europe maybe we will have chance to have money and do treatment but still life is never easy the way we were thought.

First we started to go to different GP and they were just collected money for nothing, we did all the blood work, sperm count which was good and then the one of the GP advised me to do laparoscopy and it was showed that i have both fallopian tube blocked without no repaired.

After the diagnosis then life became threatening on my marriage life, so i have to do the major part of it by sending email to different infertility clinic in England but no reply and we also tried infertility clinic in the country where we live which is the only infertility clinic and the doctor started me with injection i forgot the name of the inj all of a sudden he asked me to stopped the inj cos i have cyst of 7.5cm and already people were complaining about the clinic but been that what we need depressed us so is like we didnt have choice.

Ater all these journey, then there was a day i was on internet searching for dresses to buy then i looked into google, i just wrote infertility clinic in india then Dr Malpani was the first on the list that place on google then i started read and read like whenever i came back from school then i have to read about success story meanwhile i was look for similar story that will match with my problem then one day i read about tubal factors on the website, then i started having interest.

I have been reading about Dr Malpani since 2005, and one thing with Dr Malpani is that whenever i write him he will always reply within hours, and i think he works with each patient's emotional, i tell you my fellow, who so ever is in infertility condition will also have emotional, psychological, social, denial and financial problems for sure. we concluded to go to Dr Malpani clinic in october 2008,and it was Diwali festival period,so i took like holiday, i brought my husband sperm with me and i spent 48hours on airplane,unbelievable,everything was so perfect, then i came to the clinic in the morning,then Dr Malpani took the sperm from me and frozen it. He tried to calm me down of my fear, He explained what is tubal factor is and all my blood result that i brought was checked then He suggested to do ICSI.

Then I started ICSI cycle and all went as planned eggs were collected and embryos were transferred. Dr Anirudh Malpani advised me to have a pregnancy test after 2 weeks. believe me 2 weeks like a year in my face then, we went to private hospital for pregnancy test it was positive, I email Dr Malpani of my positive test he was rejoice with us and he continue to advised us of what to do during pregnancy.

My pregnancy result positive was on 30/11/2008 which was our happiest day in our life, then second happiness came on the 30/7/2009.

I delivered to Baby Boy on 30/07/2009 with 4.2kg.

We Just want to thank Dr Malpanis clinic if not them maybe i would have adopted child but he made it really possible for me and he let me know that there is hope and life, and also let my family completed, may God bless you both. hopefully we will be coming for our second ICSI in the nearest further but soon. my thanks has not complete if i didn't thank the staffs for all their works, they really tried their best obviously, they all become my friends and believe me if you come to the clinic i mean you will find a lot of patients from different country and for sure you will become friend to each other.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.