Success Stories: US based NRI shares their experience

After repeated miscarriages, NRI couple from USA were disheartened and highly disappointed. However, this phase of their life was short-lived and they found happiness when they approached the Malpani Clinic. Find out what this couple has to say...

My husband and I started planning for kids when we both thought we are doing great professionally and financially. After all we both were in late twenties. We planned for a baby for 1 and half years which was unsuccessful. Well, no issues according to medical tests done by Doctors. Doctors here in US put me on Clomid since we were eager to have a Baby. What so ever is the reason I conceived on clomid for 2 times and miscarried both the times. I have changed my doctor in US, but I feel both of them failed to diagnose my issue.

I think I always planned ahead for my goals and mostly never failed to achieve my goals in all areas of my life. With that mind set, I was not keen on waiting long to have kids. So we proceeded with first IVF cycle in US. To our surprise, I responded very poor in that cycle and apparently IVF was converted to IUI, which was unsuccessful. I and my husband were emotionally drained. Doctors in US had no clue, because my FSH levels were normal and all medical tests came back as normal right before the IVF cycle. The doctors here had no explanation but wanted me to try the 2nd cycle. My husband was also keen on going for the 2nd IVF here in US. That is because I am doing well professionally, he thought travelling to India and getting the IVF process there would be tedious and time consuming. Some how I convinced him that we can always visit India in holidays around December

I did some research on Internet about best IVF clinics in India. I found Dr Malpani's site very useful. I would give a 5 star rating for all the information available on his website. I started writing to Dr Malpani via email with my case details. He responded very promptly. We found that, he is a subject matter expert on Infertility and IVF.

I also attended weekly acupuncture sessions here in US before travelling to India. Acupuncture is a great way to restore your mental peace and/or fertility. Finally, I travelled to Mumbai. I did visit Siddhivinayak temple before starting my treatment, which helped me to have a positive outlook. My husband joined me in Mumbai after few days.

I like the facilities at Dr Malpani's clinic. I want to bring up few good points here. A women undergoing infertility treatments, is like riding on a rollercoaster. I felt every time I visited a male infertility specialist in US, it was an awkward feeling to strip my bottom in front of the male doctors and undergo all the tests. Best thing at Dr Malpani's clinic is that Dr Anjali does all the tests, including embryo transfers. Dr Anjali is also extremely good at her job .Finally we had 4 embryos transferred. I think the key to my successful pregnancy is I continued to stay in India after the embryo transfer. I do work for an IT giant in US, but I was able to apply FMLA (Family medical leave act) for few weeks. My husband flew back to US after the embryo transfer. I had HCG test done after 15 days of embryo transfer, the test was +ve as we expected.

After having a +ve HCG, I extended my stay at India for 3 months. Once again I applied for FMLA. After a month, I had some spotting, which terrified me. I rushed to the hospital and luckily the doctor found out that, baby is doing great. They said I was having sub chorionic hematoma. This means, part of placenta detached some time back. I was advised to take it easy and stay home. I had progesterone shortage in previous pregnancy losses. Therefore, I was taking progesterone shots and pills. I also continued to stay home and prayed god for his support. I went to see my gynecologist after 2 weeks, everything looked great. I had passed out all the blood that was part of hematoma.

I then travelled back to US after completing 3 months of my gestational age. There after my pregnancy went on a smooth ride. I delivered a very cute looking baby girl after 38 weeks. My baby weighs around 7.05lbs and 21 height. My baby girl is now completed 2 months. She is adorable; I want to thank whole heartedly Dr Malpanis.

Hope my story inspires all of you out there. I do have some advice for the couples dealing with infertility. Please don't waste time before having your first baby. I know how it feels to plan for a baby and not able make one as expected. After one year of trying naturally if you don't conceive, it doesn't mean you are infertile, but it means you may need little help. It's not shame to go to an infertility clinic; rather you will be proud of it later.

Thank you Dr Malpani!

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.