How to Have a Baby -- Overcoming Infertility. Getting Pregnant - A Guide for the Infertile Couple

Chapter 1: Do you have an infertility problem? When to start worrying!
Chapter 2: How Babies are Made - The Basics
Chapter 3: Finding Out What's Wrong -- The Basic Medical Tests
Chapter 4:Testing the Man - Semen Analysis
Chapter 5: Beyond the Semen Analysis
Chapter 6: Diagnosis and Treatment for Male Infertility -- More Confusion!
Chapter 7: The Man with a Low Sperm Count
Chapter 8: Microinjection: The Latest Advance in Treating the Infertile Man
Chapter 9: Ultrasound - Seeing with Sound
Chapter 10: Laparoscopy -- The Kinder Cut
Chapter 11: Hysteroscopy
Chapter 12: The Tubal Connection
Chapter 13: Ovulation -- Normal and Abnormal
Chapter 14: The Older Woman
Chapter 15: Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
Chapter 16: The Cervical Factor
Chapter 17: Hirsutism -- Excess Facial and Body Hair
Chapter 18: Endometriosis -- The Silent Invader
Chapter 19: Ectopic Pregnancy – The Time Bomb in the Tube
Chapter 20: Unexplained Infertility
Chapter 21: Secondary Infertility -- Caught Between Fertile And Infertile Worlds
Chapter 22: Empty Arms -- The Lonely Trauma of Miscarriage
Chapter 23: Understanding Your Medicines
Chapter 24: IUI - Intrauterine Insemination
Chapter 25: Test Tube Babies - IVF & GIFT
Chapter 26: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - the newest ART
Chapter 27: Using Donor Sperm
Chapter 28: Surrogate Mothering
Chapter 29: When Enough is Enough - The Decision to End Treatment
Chapter 30: Adoption - Yours by Choice
Chapter 31: Childfree living - Life without children
Chapter 32: Stress And Infertility
Chapter 33: The Emotional Crisis of Infertility
Chapter 34: How to Cope with Infertility
Chapter 35: Infertility and Sexuality
Chapter 36: Support Groups-Self-Help is the Best Help
Chapter 37: Myths and Misconceptions
Chapter 38: Helping Hands - How Friends and Relatives can Help
Chapter 39: Rights of the Infertile Couple - and What Society Needs to do About Them
Chapter 40: Alternative Medicine: Exploring Your Treatment Options
Chapter 41: Making Decisions about Treatment
Chapter 42: How to Find the Best Doctor
Chapter 43: How to Make the Most of Your Doctor
Chapter 44: Let the reader beware - making sense of medical stories in the news
Chapter 45: The Infertile Patient's Guide to the Internet
Chapter 46: The Ethical Issues - Right or Wrong?
Chapter 47: How Much Does Treatment Cost?
Chapter 48: Pregnant - At Last !
Chapter 49: Preventing Infertility
Chapter 50: The Infertile Patient's Prayer and Infertility "Defined"
Chapter 51: Making IVF affordable
Chapter 52: Why are women scared of IVF?
Chapter 53: Infertility Record Sheet
Chapter 54: Self-Insemination
Chapter 55: Interpreting the lab test results

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.